Our Team

As an owner-run logistics company in business since 1964, we have a sense of responsibility to the generations that came before us and developed the company into the successful entity it is today. And we live and work with a responsibility towards the coming generation. This connection to both the past and the future shapes our relationships with our customers and our employees. We value:

Long-term, organic growth

Trust and dependability

Sustainable business practices

Customer partnerships

Our North American Leadership Team

Mick Cook, CEO

(864) 484-3823
[email protected]

Tom Burke, VP Sales, North America

(864) 395-4147
[email protected]

David Mullinax, Quality Manager

(864) 395-5268
[email protected]

Sharon Knecht, Operations Manager

(864) 417-3276
[email protected]

Brandy Dennis, Human Resources Manager

(864) 593-8479
[email protected]

Ashley Lomax, Accounting Manager

(864) 423-8600
[email protected]

Melissa Bedoya, Administrative Assistant


[email protected]