Lithium-ion Battery Logistics

Battery logistics is one of the fastest-growing markets in the automotive sector. The global lithium-ion battery market is projected to grow to $116.6 billion by 2030.

At Rudolph Logistics, our commitment to excellence extends to lithium-ion battery logistics. Leveraging a wealth of supply chain management experience, we excel in managing the end-to-end supply chain of battery logistics. From warehousing and distribution to OCV testing and transportation, we offer comprehensive solutions designed to meet the unique challenges of the automotive battery industry.

Join forces with Rudolph Logistics to experience a custom logistics solution that optimizes your battery supply chain.

Safe, end-to-end warehousing
Packaging and labeling

Repack \ production supply
OCV testing – state of charge
Battery flashing – software updates

Recycling solutions
Complete documentation support
State and federal compliance

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