Production Logistics

In today’s logistics systems, many partners work together to ensure smooth execution of production processes. This interaction depends on sound process knowledge, cutting-edge technologies, well-functioning interfaces and a shared passion for top quality. The result? The production supply chain is secure, flexible and transparent.

Rudolph Logistics ensures that production lines are supplied efficiently and with high quality. Manufacturers and their suppliers need production supply chain management that accounts for all of the special requirements of their industry. Our decades of experience in automobile production logistics make a difference. We believe that every customer deserves customized logistic services. That’s why we analyze your specific needs, plan the individual processes to fit the situation and then implement your solution.

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Production Logistics

  • Intelligent data management including reports and real-time information on mobile
  • JIT/JIS Sequencing
  • KANBAN supermarket
  • Kitting
  • On-site logistics support (customer location)
  • Order processing and picking using voucherless, modern techniques for homogeneous and heterogeneous product ranges
  • Packaging transport testing for new concepts
  • POS-optimized packaging including display development and construction
  • Sequencing
  • Shipping
  • Supplier relationship management

Production-related Services

  • Contour milling and 3D laser cutting
  • Pre-assembly and final assembly
  • Shot blasting
  • Washing and degreasing


  • Increase productivity – synchronize your production and delivery schedules to avoid unneeded downtime, reduce production cycles and improve use of your resources. This results in shorter lead times, reduced production cycle times and improved use of resources.
  • Speed up process times – manufacturing environments can stay nimble and able to respond to changes in demand quickly.
  • Lower stock inventories and reduce costs – carry the correct type of products and the right amount of inventory levels you need for efficient manufacturing. We ensure your materials and components arrive exactly when you need them, so you don’t have to worry about stockpiling or storage.
  • Increase customer satisfaction – we help you focus on continual improvement so both suppliers and OEMs benefits from collaboration and communication while using a third-party.
  • Optimize space and reduce waste – manufacturers can make the best use of space and prepare for growth by carrying needed-only levels of inventory
  • Improve cash flow – free up capital otherwise tied to inventory.

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